Lytham Hall Outdoor Theatre 2018

Lytham Hall is set for another season of outdoor theatre, due to kick off with Little Women on Sunday 17th June at 6pm. Tickets are now available for all the shows from our Homelife store.

Here's the agenda for another fantastic Summer of theatre at the hall:

- Little Women - Sunday 17th June - 6pm

- The Merchant of Venice - Sunday 8th July - 6pm

- The Hound of the Baskervilles - Saturday 18th August - 7.30pm

- Pirates of Penzance - Sunday 19th August - 6pm

- The Adventures of Dr. Doolittle - Sunday 26th August - 4pm


 Ticket prices:

Adults: £14

Students/Seniors: £11

Schoolchildren: £7

Preschool Children: FREE 

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